266 Dartmouth St.

New Bedford, MA


A Wonderful Bar and Entertainment Amenities

When you visit The Bar, you get friendly service, great food and an incredible bar! When you stop by, you'll gain access to a comprehensive suite of bar amenities to ensure that you enjoy every moment that you spend here.


In addition to enjoying our amazing bar, you can also have some fun in the game room. There, you can use two pool tables, a foosball table, pinball machines and an internet jukebox. There is also FREE Wi-Fi available for your computer or mobile device.

13 different beers on tap

You get access to 13 different beers on tap at The Bar. This means that you're certain to find a tasty beverage that suits your style. Also, there are more beer options to come, so you'll have even more choices in the future!

Full bar

While you're watching your favorite game on our big screen TV, you can enjoy a bar with all the features you need.


This full-service bar gives the comfort and style you deserve.

You get a complete selection of bar and entertainment amenities here. Thanks to this, The Bar is your top locally owned family restaurant of choice!

Live music

Every Friday and Saturday night, you'll get to hear live music performances on the stage.


For the live entertainment schedule, you should check our Live Events page or our Facebook page.

Call ahead to order any item from the menu


Pool table Beers on tap Bar Live music Bar

Our Beautiful Historical Building

Although The Bar has only recently opened, our building has been here since 1899. In past years, it has been a church, a bar, an appliance store and a bowling alley. We have completely refurbished our old brick building just for you.


In this building, there are many years of history. The rooms also have had a variety of uses, including some too risqué to mention! You can find us in our amazing historical building right in the Ward 5 voting district!